There are no otters at the Peaks of Otter :(

We set off on a quest. A quest to find these otters that live at the Peaks. We arose at 10am sharp, not a minute after and went off in search of otters. We traveled down windy and dangerous roads, passing bicyclists and steep cliffs. To our disapppinent, there was only a delightful lodge awaiting us. After these long and arduous travels, we needed sustenance. … Continue reading There are no otters at the Peaks of Otter 😦


So the theme of the adventure was “hands” and it started with a trip to the Ethiopian restaurant. Delicious food, no utensils, and a delightful experience. Following dinner, we headed to Michael’s to pick up materials for…FINGER PAINTING! So we bought 10 canvases (canvasi?) and 12 colors of paint and went to town. Armed with a book on how to draw cartoon animals (for kids), … Continue reading Hands